Professional Wardrobe Sydney Installation Services

H&R Kitchens offers professional and high-quality Sydney wardrobe installation services and is most reputable within this field. Our Sydney wardrobe installation team have worked within this industry for ample years and have therefore acquired substantial skills and qualifications necessary to offer clients a professional and exceptional Sydney wardrobe installation service. It is our mission to provide all clients with an aesthetically pleasing which compliments your home and is long-lasting.


H&R Kitchens will seemingly analyse your home or premise to provide you with a suitable wardrobe which most surely compliments your home or premise. Our team of expert Sydney wardrobe designers are also skilled in installing your wardrobe in a professional manner and without any hassle. Our Sydney wardrobe installation services are easily accessible and low maintenance. We offer a wide range of wardrobes including:

  1. Hinged mirrored wardrobes
  2. Opaque frosted glass door wardrobes
  3. Coloured frosted glass door wardrobes
  4. Polyurethane finish doors
  5. Timber hinged wardrobes

If you wish to attain a wardrobe designed from scratch, our team of Sydney wardrobe designers will uniquely design and manufacture your wardrobe before installing it. Contact our team of professional Sydney wardrobe designers to receive a quote on 0414 788 236.

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Here at H&R Kitchens, we understand that the Sydney wardrobe installation process may in fact be complicated. That is why it is essential to hire professional Sydney wardrobe installation service providers who possess the required skill set crucial to delivering satisfying results.

Our Sydney wardrobe installation service providers will follow the following process in installing your Sydney wardrobe service:

  • Planning your Sydney Wardrobe Installation Service– Our Sydney wardrobe installation team will view your premise in attempt to attain an understanding of the spacing and layout. This is essential as it allows our team to install your wardrobe most suitably to compliment your premise or home. Once a wardrobe has been selected and agreed upon by both parties, our wardrobe Sydney installation team will move on to installing it.
  • The Careful Installation of your Wardrobe Sydney – In this aspect of the Sydney wardrobe installation process, our expert Sydney wardrobe installation team will carefully and professionally install the wardrobe. This requires use of a range of materials, tools, and machinery. Our professional Sydney wardrobe installation team utilises state-of-the-art machinery and tools with the intent of delivering a highly productive and efficient service.


A range of qualities differentiate our Sydney wardrobe installation team here at H&R Kitchen from our competitors.

  • An Accredited Sydney Wardrobe Installation Service – Our Sydney wardrobe installation team are fully accredited and qualified to deliver any type of Sydney wardrobe installation service, no matter the complexity or nature of the installation process.
  • Sydney Wardrobe Installation Professionalism – Our Sydney wardrobe installation team have been trained to uphold the highest level of professionalism when delivering your Sydney wardrobe installation process.
  • A Quality Sydney Wardrobe Installation Process – Most other wardrobe installation firms will deliver a professional service, however, will compromise on the quality aspect. Here at H&R Kitchens, you can be assured that our Sydney wardrobe installation team will deliver both professional and high-quality solutions in a timely manner.


To attain additional information regarding our professional Sydney wardrobe installation services here at H&R Kitchens be sure to contact our team. Our Sydney wardrobe installers will be glad to discuss our services so be sure to contact us now on 0414 788 236.

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