High-quality Glass Splashbacks Sydney


Here at H&R Kitchens we are reputable for delivering exceptional Sydney glass splashback solutions. You are no exception. In saying so, out splashbacks have been manufactured from quality materials and are hence visually appealing. Our splashbacks are also affordable, easy to maintain, long-lasting and DIY friendly. We supply multi-coloured glass splashbacks and pride ourselves in our exceptional ability to professionally install and maintain Sydney kitchen glass splashbacks. Doing so will introduce a more modern aesthetic to your home. Our team specialise in delivering professional Sydney kitchen glass splashback services so be sure to contact our team on 0414 788 236.

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We offer a wide range of Sydney glass splashbacks here at H&R Kitchens. They include:

  • Sydney Colour Splashbacks – We have an extensive range of colour splashbacks which are guaranteed to compliment or contrast with your existing interior kitchen elements. Our Sydney splashbacks are also offered in a vibrant high gloss look or a basic matte touch. Regardless of the size or colour required, our professional Sydney kitchen splashback team will deliver a high-quality splashback service.
  • Sydney Design Splashbacks – Our range of Sydney design splashbacks are offered in various printed glass splashbacks which entail unique designs created by our interior designers here at H&R Kitchens. You can be assured that all design splashbacks are manufactured in the perfect manner hence ensuring an end product that is durable.

Hence, H&R Kitchens offers a wide range of Sydney kitchen splashback services to accommodate the varying taste that our clients possess. Whichever Sydney glass splashback you require, you can be assured our team of Sydney kitchen splashback service providers will deliver a high-quality and custom glass splashback Sydney.

  • Sydney Metallic Splashbacks – Our Sydney metallic splashbacks are popular among our clients as they have been designed to match a non-traditional interior kitchen design. It will surely stand out in your kitchen. Our various metallic splashbacks are installed to perfectly compliment your kitchen hardware as our professional Sydney metallic splashback team will perfectly integrate the splashback into your kitchen.
  • Sydney Mirror Splashbacks – Our Sydney mirror splashbacks contribute to the overall aesthetic look of your kitchen. Regardless of size, a Sydney mirror splashback will make your kitchen seem more spacious and comfortable.
  • Sydney Natural Splashbacks – We also offer a variety of numerous Sydney natural splashback designs which as stated in the name, will integrate an overall natural look in your kitchen. Our Sydney natural splashbacks are offered in a marble or cement style to accommodate for various desires.


To obtain additional information regarding our Sydney kitchen splashback services or designs, be sure to contact our team of Sydney splashback service providers here at H&R Kitchens on 0414 788 236.